Kabinet #5

Lore Vanelslande

“I believe that we create our own reality through our thoughts. This knowing, is the most important for me, it has become a way of life. In sacred geometry I have found a symbol, a way of drawing that illustrates this process: The center consciousness, that thinks and thus creates around it, that which is a vibrational match to it. Every time different, every time magnificent.”


The Crossing Point of Light ~ The moment when someone becomes super-luminal, faster than the speed of light.2016, 90 x 104 cm, gouache, inkt, potlood op oud papier
Group Soul ~ Assembling2017, 63 x 88 cm, gouache, inkt, potlood op oud papier
Geometry trickling down the dimensions through the inception point waiting for the manifestation into physical dimension2017, 43 x 31 cm, inkt en potlood op oud papier
Soul Song2017, 62 x 21 cm, inkt en potlood op oud papier
Private session pakketjes2017, iets buiten A4 formaat, prints, tekening, teksten op oud papier
Variatie Prints, one of a kind2017, iets buiten A4 formaat, inkjet op oud papier

Kabinet #10

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